What people are saying about Coach Anya & Inspired Learning Coaching:


As a longtime client, I can say that Anya is gifted with something I rarely see…the ability to hear and see “between the lines” of any issue. She gets to the source of the breakdown (often surprising to me) and turns things around, fast. She is simply super effective at what she does. I highly recommend her for ANY type of coaching.



Over the years I have worked with Anya, she has clearly demonstrated the diverse practical knowledge of a skillful business expert, and other gifts that have been even more important to me. Anya is fiercely dedicated to elicit the best in her clients, and to challenge our assumptions. She consistently provides this in-depth support by being present in an extraordinary way and listening beyond the words.

As a result, Anya’s collaborative style discourages “cookie-cutter” answers, and promotes creative solutions that authentically reflect the client’s values and desires.



Sporadic efforts selling my Invention in the last 10+ years, culminated in a remarkable shift of dreams coming true -

I had decided to get a business coach to help increase sporadic sales of my invention, The Pythagorean Lamboma Keyboard. This keyboard is a culmination of my life’s work, and, is currently used mostly by music therapists, composers and researchers. It was an agonizing decision to invest in Coaching – would it pay off? It was a lot of money for me! I was scared. I told my coach that the work we do together would be a success if I was able to sell 3-4 Keyboards. It is a very specialized market and the investment is between three and ten thousand dollars each (see below that I have orders for 100!). At the time, I thought reaching this goal would be a satisfactory investment. Little did I know I was about to embark on an Odyssey like no other I have experienced in my many years! Let me share a few of the successes that occurred over next few months of my life:

  • First, with my coach, I cleared out limiting beliefs such as “I don’t want much/need much” and other related mind-set blocks. This opened the floodgates, so to speak.
  • I was offered a professorship in the Microcosm University (Hong Kong) and an opportunity to lecture and train students in a Medical resonance program based in Taipei.  Not only was this an incredibility rewarding few weeks, but they treated me like Royalty, I was well compensated – and, sales were beyond my goals for the entire year!
  • Interest in my work expanded and my trip was extended to lecture in the Guangzhou province in China. The students were enthusiastic.
  • I met and attended a luncheon with the head of the Asian World Trade Center
  • Meanwhile the newspapers in Taipei were featuring the training sessions, with interviews and sections of my writings that had been translated into Chinese. Now, my books are being translated into Chinese.
  • A team is being sent here to the U.S. to be trained in my work
  • Finally, as of today, one hundred Keyboards have been ordered – yes, 100.  I have lived my passion – and now, the impact that this will make in the world is a lifelong dream come true.

As you can imagine, I am growing as a business person and at a pace I could not have imagined just a few short months ago. I am enjoying every minute of it. Thank you Coach!


Thank you so much for helping to save my business!

Executive coaching helped me see my business thru new eyes.  I now have new insight my business and plan I put into action.  This coaching helped me to create a new “Belief System” in my business life by recognizing that fear kept me from growing. The work I did with my coach has given me tools to become an effective and confident leader.  I have more personal power to change what I want to have happen and, in turn, more respect from my staff. Please share this with anyone who is on the fence about investing in coaching. It is worth every dollar I have spent and it paid for itself very quickly.  Thank you so much for helping to save my business.



Before working with Inspired Learning, I was struggling to clarify my expertise as a Business Mentor and it was difficult to fill my practice. After 3 months of working together, my income has increased by 6x and my practice is FULL! I feel totally aligned and I have a clear vision of how my sales funnel will be built out and FLOW easily.  As a result, I have total confidence in my offerings, I am hosting a live event next month, and I feel certain that I will have a waiting list practice in the next 3 months. I would absolutely recommend Anya – she has the perfect blend of business savvy and intuitive wisdom. Thank you!!



Four hours later, I had a (high 5-Figure) check in my hands!

When I first started working with my coach, I was in a financial hole and very scared about it. Everything I did and said to potential clients was always trying to fix that problem.  On the day I had an appointment to close a 5-figure sale with a potential client (face-to-face), I had a powerful coaching call.  Four hours later, I had a check in my hands! And I walked away *knowing* I served that client AND I got paid what I was worth.  Before working with my coach, I would have charged less than half of that amount.   I can’t imagine ever coaching with anyone else – Results speak loudly!



My Investment in Coaching (and myself) turned out to be a bargain – and much more!

Initially, I was hesitant and scared to pay for the coaching.  I was afraid my family and friends would think I was a fool. But I also knew that if coaching lived up to its promise, then it would be worth it all.  Now, after the work I have done with my coach, I can say yes, it was worth it, and more than that, it was a bargain.  Putting forward the fee not only made me stick through the highs and lows of the program but also was a wonderful opportunity to get clear about money, which changed my future!



Our work together has been my lifeline to growth; emotionally and financially

Coaching has taken me farther than I ever dreamed of going.  My coach taught me how not to fear my future but to face it!  She held my hand when the economy was failing and I thought my business was failing with it.  She walked me through that fear and encouraged me to dig deep into myself and look for alternatives to make my business better than ever before.  I’m now making that happen and business is expanding (a miracle). She took me beyond my fear of losing employees that I thought I could not do without, only to find my inner strength to acknowledge my own abilities with or without those employees.  Our work together has been my lifeline to growth; emotionally and financially. I cannot express enough GRATITUDE to her for staying the course with me.  I will be Forever Grateful.



I can’t imagine not having done this!” I would recommend Executive Coaching WHOLEHEARTEDLY!



I am more decisive, empowered, confident, competent, and have a strong sense of trust in myself and others.

My coach helped me recognize where I was sabotaging my own efforts and guided me towards making better decisions.  Today, I am a different person.  My husband says he has his wife back, my children recognize that I am more content and friends recognize a calmness about me.  Not only has my business increased, but other opportunities have come my way.  I am more decisive, empowered, confident, competent, and have a strong sense of trust in myself and others.