Organizational Consulting

Highway Signpost ConsultingThrough a process including strategic interviews, inquiry, review and observation of your organization & its various dynamics, I bring forth a plan and the on-the-court leadership, coaching and support to make major and lasting change. Typical areas of focus include:

Organizational Alignment – Smart people pulling in different directions can wreak havoc on results and slow the fulfillment of your strategic intent. Hidden divergent views suppress growth and efficiency. Uncovering these views and re-aligning partners and management teams as well as informal leaders ensure your strategic intent is fulfilled.

Communication to Produce Effective Action – One could say that business is nothing more than a network of conversations. Being able to effectively move and manage those conversations at every level of the organization requires awareness first – followed by effective systems, understanding human dynamics and a commitment to establish new communication habits. I work with you and your team to distinguish in which areas ineffective communication is having the biggest negative impact and provide the coaching to train and implement Communication that Produces Effective Action.

Leadership Development – As your organization grows, so must your leaders. Eliciting the best from others as well as focus, accountability, resolving breakdowns, alignment and completion are just some of the skills leaders must have – individually and as part of a management team.

Organization & Effectiveness – As a whole, your organization has ways of operating that are no longer useful or effective and these cultural habits persist and prove surprisingly challenging to unravel.I work with you and your team to distinguish these habits that limit productivity and replace them with ones that work for you organization’s future.